Badlands Bad River Regional Development Partnership

IMG_1264Welcome to the Badlands Bad River Region of South Dakota! Our Regional Economic Development Partnership includes the counties of Haakon, Jackson & Eastern Pennington. The communities within these counties are combining efforts to promote business and lifestyle opportunities for the betterment of the entire region. 

Our goal is to support and grow the way of life we enjoy in rural western South Dakota! The BBR plans to establish a business development support network for new and existing businesses in our communities. Working together, we will brand and promote the region under one name: Badlands Bad River.

  • No state income tax in South Dakota
  • Stable population base
  • Strong, dependable workforce and work ethic
  • Spirit of independence and entrepreneurship
  • Balanced economy with multiple strong industries

Interested in learning more about the opportunities for your business or family in Badlands Bad River? Please contact us today to set up a site visit! You can expect to be greeted warmly with:
  • Complimentary meal
  • Appointments with community leaders
  • Current listings of available commercial, residential, and agricultural properties
  • Guided tour of regional highlights


What's New?
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Badlands Bad River Regional Economic Development Partnership


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